The Definitive Guide to Symfony

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Eugene Cook said on Jan 30, at 3 I actually got the book in the middle of last week. Great stuff This is a huge milestone for Symfony. Lynx said on Jan 30, at 4 I finally got my book in the mail today, and have already read three chapters of it, amazing truly amazing I have learned so much already and I have been using Symfony for months. I thought the online book was good, but this is far better.

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Michael Manley said on Jan 30, at 6 Does the content of the book replace and cover everything that was in the old documentation? Manny said on Jan 30, at 7 That's great!! Can't wait to pickup. Too bad I won't be able to cut and paste changes into the book! I know bad humor.

Jon Duell said on Jan 30, at 9 Congratulations on the book. Looking forward to reading it.

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Just a heads up, since moving the documentation over to the online version of the book, all of the links in the askeet tutorial are broken. Just ordered my copy from Amazon, so I'll have to patiently wait till the end of Feb. And as blue25, asked, any chance for the PDF downloadable version?

The sample chapter you released looks really great, comparing to the HTML version. FlatPredator said on Jan 30, at 11 Great news Ordered the book a while ago on amazon and waiting now for shipping : Nice! Very impressive! Keep on writing coding committing! Stefan said on Jan 30, at 13 I've just e-mailed my boss to order it : It already looks cool on the picture, so I'm sure it will be worth the money getting it :. Pierre said on Jan 30, at 15 Is that my failure or is this release package damaged?

Starting to download symfony Benoit said on Jan 30, at 16 For me, on the biggest annoying thing in symfony, is the configuration with the file database.

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I went rapidly through the book and found nothing about this issue! Could someone say me if I'm wrong? Ma procrastination va pouvoir prendre fin, j'attends de le recevoir et aussi beaucoup le lancement de la V1. The book also covers framework installation and configuration, and shows you how to build pages, deal with templates, manage requests and sessions, and communicate with databases and servers.

You will see how symfony can make your life easier by effectively managing form data, enhancing the user experience with Ajax, internationalizing applications for a global audience, and using smart URLs. And since frameworks often raise performance-related debate, this book will give you many tips and techniques for monitoring and improving your applications performance, from caching to expert configuration tweaks.

Always keen to offer practical instruction, the authors include lots of code examples, expert tips, best practices, and illustrations throughout this book, with the goal of providing a resource that satisfies the educational needs of symfony's rapidly growing user community. Francois Zaninotto is a consultant and project manager for Internet application projects.

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He graduated from the French business school Ecole des Mines in with a specialization in computer science. He tried quite a few jobs before settling on the Internet business: social worker in a children's facility, manager of a bike rental shop, web project manager for a tire manufacturer, writer of a travel guide on Germany for the same tire manufacturer, logistician for M decins Sans Fronti res, and IT architect for a consumer credit company.

He joined the Sensio web agency in , and since then has managed many Internet and intranet web application projects, dealing with complex usability issues, agile development methodologies, and cutting-edge web techniques. Learning PHP is pretty simple once you understand basics like variables, functions, and loops. All of the lessons are practical and build on top of existing PHP knowledge. The author covers best practices, common workflows, and helpful hints to shape you into a truly competent Symfony developer.

Backend MVC frameworks are surprisingly commonplace. This includes detailed workflows and best practices along with an introduction to the Twig templating engine.

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Each chapter covers basic theory along with practical exercises to help you dig into the Symfony framework. This is one of the few books that just dives into Symfony with a technical view of the framework. The Definitive Guide to Symfony covers the Symfony framework in pages full of tutorials and guided exercises on the many different features.

You start by installing Symfony and then slowly move through exercises on topics like databases, caching, external libraries, and code optimization. A Year With Symfony targets developers who plan to learn Symfony and focus on projects for well over a year into their dev career or hobby. The writing style is super easy to read and the exercises are phenomenal.

You really do learn Symfony from the ground up following best practices for code reuse and PHP security measures. One thing I like about this book is the level of detail.

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This book makes an incredible intro guide for anyone who wants to go as deep as possible into Symfony. Every PHP developer should learn about best design practices for writing quality code.

The Definitive Guide to Symfony The Definitive Guide to Symfony
The Definitive Guide to Symfony The Definitive Guide to Symfony
The Definitive Guide to Symfony The Definitive Guide to Symfony
The Definitive Guide to Symfony The Definitive Guide to Symfony
The Definitive Guide to Symfony The Definitive Guide to Symfony
The Definitive Guide to Symfony The Definitive Guide to Symfony

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