Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk

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Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk

Later came his life as the great conversationalist. Interpretation is harder. Why did his creative period come so late? What prompted it? Why did it finish so abruptly? Perhaps the key question is the first. If it is possible to define the reason why the impulse to create was so tardy, the other questions may answer themselves. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Addison on ornament and poetic style, by D.

The watch of judgement, relativism and An essay on criticism, by P. Sermon or satire: Pope's definition of his art, by L. The cistern and the fountain,art and reality in Pope and Gray, by I. Thompson's poetry of space and time, by R. Philosophical language and the theory of beauty in the eighteenth century, by W. Hipple, Jr. Hume's "Of criticism," by E. William Warburton as "new critic", by R.

The naked science of language, , by S. Imlac and the business of a poet, by G. The comic syntax of Tristram Shandy, by I. Reynolds and the art of characterization, by R. Gainsborough's Prospect, animated prospect, by E. The Preface to Lyrical ballads: a revolution in dispute, by J.

A list of books, articles, and reviews published by Samuel Holt Monk p. Notes Bibliography: p. Includes bibliographical references. View online Borrow Buy. Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"? Flinders University Central Library. Open to the public ; Eddie Koiki Mabo Library. Macquarie University Library. Open to the public ; PR Monash University Library. The University of Melbourne Library. Open to the public.

University of Queensland Library. This approach was encouraged by Dryden himself, who in his critical prefaces and dedications often made connections between his own work and dramatic traditions in England and those on the continent. The background of the heroic play, in particular, has been studied by many scholars. In the early part of the twentieth century, a debate began about the origin of the heroic play, whether it was a native English form, indebted to Beaumont and Fletcher and the Cavalier drama, or a derivative of Continental forms, indebted to the French romances and the heroic poem.

As a result of the analyses of Moody E. Sarup Singh sees the heroic play as not only different from Elizabethan tragedy but as a reaction against it. By Dryden's own estimation, repeatedly voiced in his prefaces and dedications, the heroic play had a tremendous potential to reform as well as to entertain. Not all critics see the heroic plays as Dryden apparently did.

Explaining the heroic drama in terms of a "comic" thesis, D. The problem with this view is that it can only be completely accepted if we are willing to take Dryden's critical prefaces and dedications as disingenuous. Robert D. Hume , on the other hand, along with others, has related Dryden's use of the heroic play to his commitment to heroic values. In fact, Hume speculates that Dryden stopped writing heroic plays precisely because they had become debased by authors such as Elkanah Settle.

Dryden had hoped that the spectacle of the heroic play would encourage his audience to emulate the noble acts and sentiments of his characters, but by the mids, around the time of Aureng-Zebe, he realized that the spectacle itself had captured his audience's attention. As might be expected, Dryden's All for Love, his adaptation of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, has received a great deal of attention from modern critics. Considered by many to be his best play, although Don Sebastian and Aureng-Zebe are now respected as its rivals, All for Love has been the subject of continuous discussion from Verrall's lectures to Earl Miner's Dryden's Poetry.

Unfortunately, only recently has Dryden's play been considered separately from Shakespeare's. Limitations of space prevent a more detailed summary of all the works which had added to our understanding of Dryden's best adaptation, but those works in the present bibliography which have asterisks placed before them should be consulted with particular attention. Jean H. Hagstrum has profitably considered the play in the context of the ut pictura poesis tradition, as he argues that the play is a "speaking picture" in which the audience is presented with a "gallery" of heroic portraits.

Countering the accusation that the play's language is merely decorative and fustian, Derek W. The improvement of Dryden's modern reputation has been effected as much by the availability of reliable, well-annotated editions as it has been by advancements in his biography and the publication of important critical works.

Noyes had taken care to provide good texts and sufficient annotations to make Dryden accessible to twentieth-century students. Kinsley published the most accurate texts then available, and he arranged the poems chronologically by date of publication, thereby allowing Dryden's development and shifting concerns to be readily seen. Dryden's prose has presented formidable editorial problems.

The great bulk of his critical writings has made a complete edition of his prose works an expensive and difficult project. They often provide only excerpts and their texts are modernized. Editions of individual plays have been plentiful. In L. Beaurline and Fredson Bowers published four of Dryden's comedies and four tragedies in a two-volume companion set. The texts and annotations are well prepared and readily adaptable to classroom use. Facsimile editions of individual poems and plays and Of Dramatic Poesy have also allowed students to experience Dryden's works as they appeared in his own lifetime.

At present, about half of the projected twenty volumes of The Works of John Dryden have been published. It has been contemplated that after all twenty volumes have become available a computer-produced concordance will be prepared. The critical and textual commentaries in these volumes continue to maintain the exceedingly high standards established for the series by its originators, Edward Niles Hooker and H. By his painstaking meticulousness, the chief textual editor, Vinton A. Dearing, has ensured that the texts present as accurately as possible Dryden's originals.

As this survey has shown, we have learned a great deal about Dryden in the past three-quarters of a century.

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For information about facsimile editions, the topical index and the Addendum should be consulted. These critics and others have shown that Dryden's works must be placed in their literary, historical and biographical contexts if they are to be fully understood and appreciated.

Moreover, it has also become increasingly evident that all of Dryden's works must be considered together. Too much of twentieth-century criticism has compartmentalized Dryden's work in the different genres.

Books by Samuel Holt Monk

David Nichol Smith and George R. Wasserman attempted to survey all of Dryden's works, and they made an effort to interrelate his work in the various genres, but their studies are too brief and could not adequately treat a subject of such tremendous complexity. Should a comprehensive study of Dryden's career ever be completed, we will surely learn a great deal not only about John Dryden but about the nature of literature in general and about its uses in a literate society.

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John Dryden

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English Criticism Project 1

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Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk
Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk
Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk
Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk
Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk
Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk
Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660-1800: Essays in Honor of Samuel Holt Monk

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