Road to Life - Part 1

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Life is Strange 2 - Episode 4

Additionally, Alexandria is flexible enough such that even if a metadata provider like TheTVDB is down, new episodes are still added and somewhat magically, may even get full metadata! Developer friendly : The old scrapers were an enormous pain to develop, maintain, and even understand. User friendly : There are a number of features which make Alexandria a pleasure for users.

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The Road to Alexandria (part 1): Introduction | Plex

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  8. When you enroll in any recurring subscription arrangement, you authorize Plex to automatically charge the billing source you provided Plex at the time you enrolled for the subscription term specified at the time of enrollment until the subscription ends or you cancel your enrollment. Yohannan has been crisscrossing the globe for the past 40 years, challenging the Body of Christ to discipleship. His call to a radical lifestyle—with an all-out commitment to Jesus—has left its impact on nearly every continent.

    Yohannan is the founder and director of GFA, a Christian mission organization deeply committed to seeing communities transformed through the love of Christ demonstrated in word and deed. Yohannan was born in South India in and is the youngest of six sons. His mother dedicated each of her children to the Lord and longed to see one of them commit their lives to ministry. Seeing how shy and insecure he was, his mother thought there was little chance that he would preach. However, after Yohannan finished his schooling, he heard stories about North India from a visiting mission team, and his heart was gripped.

    While preparing to go with this radical mission team from Europe, the timid year-old was challenged by a call to radical discipleship from missionary statesman George Verwer. What if God asked him to preach publicly in the streets?

    About The Road to Reality - Daily

    What if he was stoned and beaten? The Lord gave him courage to speak to the crowds he saw that day, and he continued to preach for the next seven years in North India. As a field evangelist and regional coordinator, he was responsible for the members of his teams and the planning of each day. His future wife, Gisela, was also serving with the same mission movement at the same time, and Yohannan felt through their brief encounters that he had found someone who shared his same vision and calling. In , Yohannan was invited to spend a month in Singapore at a new institute that had been started by John Haggai.

    In , he came to the United States, where he received his theological training at Criswell College. He and Gisela were married after his first term. As a theology student, Yohannan was ordained and began pastoring a local church in Dallas, where he served for four years.

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    Remembering the Millions in Asia As the Lord reminded Yohannan of the millions in Asia still waiting to learn of His love for them, he resigned his pastorate, and he and Gisela began taking steps to start an organization to support national missionaries, which eventually became known as GFA. They began meeting together each Tuesday night with a small, faithful group of believers to pray over world maps.

    The Lord soon guided them to start a program through which people could regularly support the work of national missionaries by laying aside one dollar a day. As the Lord opened doors to share this opportunity with churches and individuals, the ministry began to grow. Today, GFA comes alongside thousands of national workers and supports them through prayer and assistance as they bring hope to the neediest in South Asia.

    GFA is engaged in dozens of projects, such as caring for poor children, slum dwellers and widows and orphans; providing clean water by funding wells; supporting medical missions; and meeting the needs of those in leprosy colonies. In , he was awarded Alumnus of the Year from Criswell College for his influence in the work of God.

    Many of them are now serving the Lord full time in different capacities across the globe. Ministering hope and practical help to the people of South Asia, Dr. Additionally, viewers in nations can watch him daily on AYTV. Yohannan is a prolific writer with more than books published in Asia and 11 in the United States.

    Road to Life - Part 1 Road to Life - Part 1
    Road to Life - Part 1 Road to Life - Part 1
    Road to Life - Part 1 Road to Life - Part 1
    Road to Life - Part 1 Road to Life - Part 1
    Road to Life - Part 1 Road to Life - Part 1

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