Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems

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Angle Resolved and Spin Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy with variably polarized light

The high temperature structural phase transition of the potential topological material NbNiTe has been studied in detail. At high temperatures, the structure is centrosymmetric with orthorhombic space group , and distorts at K to a monoclinic structure with space group. A small signature in specific heat and commensurate small release of entropy are observed at the phase transition.


The low temperature monoclinic structure retains its inversion center and the symmetries associated with the orthorhombic. At high temperature, NbNiTe shows phonon instabilities at and , which are removed by the structural phase transition. The electronic structure of NbNiTe is only slightly affected, indicating this ferroic phase transition is primarily due to steric effects. The topological properties of the quantum Hall effect in a crystalline lattice, described by Chern numbers of the Hofstadter butterfly quantum phase diagram, are deduced by using a geometrical method to generate the structure of quasicrystals: the cut and projection method.

Based on this, we provide a geometric unified approach to the Hofstadter topological phase diagram at all fluxes. Then we show that for any flux, bands conductances follow a two letter symbolic sequence.

Researchers Use Light to Control High-Speed Chemical Reactions in a New Way

The symbolic sequences are given by the Sturmian coding of the flux and can be found by considering a circle map, a billiard or trajectories on a torus. Simple and fast techniques are thus provided to obtain Chern numbers at all magnetic fluxes. This approach allows to understand the global fractality of the butterfly in terms of Farey sequences and trees. In this work the thermal expansion of Gd 5 Si 1. A cross-over from positive macro and micro scale in the literature towards a negative thermal expansion at nanoscale is observed.

The key atomic mechanism driving the NTE is identified as an atomic triplet chain flexibility. The results suggest that the NTE behavior emerges as a size reduction effect caused by the intrinsic nanoparticles surface pressure estimated at 11kBar , leading to the PTE-NTE cross-over at the nanoscale.

The occurrence of superconductivity in topological materials is considered as a promising route for realizing topological superconductors, a platform able to host the long-sought Majorana fermions in condensed matter. The behavior of both its upper critical field and low-temperature heat-capacity suggest the existence of two superconducting gaps. More strikingly, first-principles calculations reveal gapless topological surface states in the present material. Overall, our data suggest TaOsSi to be a new system where multi-band superconductivity and topological surface states coexist and, hence, it may serve as a possible candidate in the search for topological superconductivity.

Below meV, our calculation also reveals that the dielectric function and reflectivity is decreasing with the increase of photon energy, while the absorption coefficient is increasing with the increase of photon energy. Therefore, RhSi has potential application for optoelectronic detection in Terahertz range. The realization of the unusual properties of 2D-materials requires the formation of large domains of single layer thickness, extending over the mesoscale.

It is found that the formation of uniform graphene on SiC, contrary to textbook diffraction, is signalled by a strong bell-shaped component BSC around the 00 and G 10 spots but not around the substrate spots. The BCS is also seen on graphene grown on metals, because a single uniform graphene layer can be also grown with large lateral size. It is is only seen by electron diffraction but not with X-ray or He-scattering scattering. Although the origin of such intriguing result is unclear, its presence in the earlier literature but never mentioned points to its robustness and significance.

A likely mechanism relates to the the spatial confinement of the graphene electrons, within a single layer. We reassess the phase diagram of high-pressure solid hydrogen using mean-field and many-body wave function based approaches to determine the nature of phase III of solid hydrogen. To discover the best candidates for phase III, density functional theory calculations within the meta-generalized gradient approximation by means of the strongly constrained and appropriately normed SCAN semilocal density functional are employed.

Hence, we predict that the phase III of high-pressure solid hydrogen is polymorphic. Magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene MA-tBLG has appeared as a tunable testing ground to investigate the conspiracy of electronic interactions, band structure, and lattice degrees of freedom to yield exotic quantum many-body ground states in a two-dimensional Dirac material framework. While the impact of external parameters such as doping or magnetic field can be conveniently modified and analyzed, the all-surface nature of the quasi-2D electron gas combined with its intricate internal properties pose a challenging task to characterize the quintessential nature of the different insulating and superconducting states found in experiments.

We analyze the interplay of internal screening and dielectric environment on the intrinsic electronic interaction profile of MA-tBLG. We find that interlayer coupling generically enhances the internal screening. The influence of the dielectric environment on the effective interaction strength depends decisively on the electronic state of MA-tBLG. Thus, we propose the experimental tailoring of the dielectric environment, e. Spin-transfer torque is one of important physical quantities to understand for successful application of topological insulators to spintronics. In this paper, we present analytical expressions of the spin-transfer torques on a surface of magnetic topological insulator by including the higher order contributions of momentum, k 2 -term and the hexagonal warping.

We obtain six different types of the spin-transfer torque including both the field-like and the damping-like torques; the four of them appear only when the higher order momentum contributions are included. In addition, we discuss the dynamics of magnetic skyrmions driven by the spin-transfer torques on the surface of the topological insulator. Unlike the skyrmion dynamics in conventional metals, we find that the dynamics significantly depends on the internal structure of magnetic textures. Two-dimensional semi-Dirac fermions are quasiparticles that disperse linearly in one direction and quadratically in the other.

We investigate instabilities of semi-Dirac fermions towards charge, spin-density wave and superconducting orders, driven by short-range interactions. We analyze the critical behavior of the Yukawa theories for the different order parameters using Wilson momentum shell RG. The order-parameter correlations inherit the electronic anisotropy of the semi-Dirac fermions, leading to correlation lengths that diverge along the spatial directions with distinct exponents, even at the mean-field level. We conjecture that the proximity to the critical point may stabilize novel modulated order phases.

We study nonequilibrium thermodynamic properties of a driven one-dimensional quantum fluid by combining nonlinear Luttinger liquid theory with the quantum kinetic equation. In particular, we derive an entropy production consistent with the laws of thermodynamics for a system subject to an arbitrary perturbation varying slowly in space and time.

Working in a basis of weakly interacting fermionic quasiparticles, we show that the leading contribution to the entropy production results from three-particle collisions, and we derive its scaling law at low temperatures. We report a new phenomenon, the precessional rotation of magnetically isotropic ferromagnetic nanoparticles in a viscous liquid that are subjected to a rotating magnetic field. In contrast to magnetically anisotropic nanoparticles, whose rotation occurs due to coupling between the magnetic and lattice subsystems through magnetocrystalline anisotropy, the rotation of isotropic nanoparticles is induced only by magnetic dissipation processes.

We propose a theory of this phenomenon based on a set of equations describing the deterministic magnetic and rotational dynamics of such particles. Neglecting inertial effects, we solve these equations analytically, find the magnetization and particle precessions in the steady state, determine the components of the particle angular velocity and analyze their dependence on the model parameters. The possibility of experimental observation of this phenomenon is also discussed. We propose a novel application of a parity-time symmetric non-Hermitian Su-Schrieffer-Heeger SSH model by embedded it in a two-dimensional square lattice tube.

The coalescence state at the exceptional point of non-Hermitian SSH model is chiral and selectively controls helical transport and amplification. Two typical helicity-dependent scattering dynamics are observed. If the incidence has an identical helicity with the embedded non-Hermitian SSH model, we observe a perfect transmission without reflection. However, if the incidence has an opposite helicity with the embedded non-Hermitian SSH model, except for a full transmission, we observe an amplified transmission with different helicity from the incidence; but the amplified reflection has identical helicity with the incidence.

These intriguing features are completely unexpected in Hermitian system. Moreover, the helical amplification at high efficiency can be triggered by an arbitrary excitation. The different dynamics between incidences with opposite helicities are results of unidirectional tunneling, which is revealed to be capable of realizing without introducing magnetic field. We give a discussion about the helical dynamics under system imperfections. Recently it was shown I. Gruzberg, A.

Kl"umper, W. Nuding and A. Sedrakyan, Phys. B 95, that taking into account random positions of scattering nodes in the network model with U 1 phase disorder yields a localization length exponent 2. This is in striking agreement with the experimental value of 2. Randomness of the network was modeled by replacing standard scattering nodes of a regular network by pure tunneling resp.

Here we investigate the role played by the strength of the geometric disorder, i. When the intraband coupling in the cold first band is fixed as weak, we find that in the case of vanishing pair-exchange interband coupling and in the strong-coupling limit of the hot second band the system undergoes a transition to a single-component configuration with a full suppression of the first energy gap and a full redistribution of particles between bands.

For non-vanishing pair-exchange interband coupling we reveal a non-monotonic dependence of the energy gap in the first band vs intraband coupling in the second band, with the presence of a hump. In the case of weak interband coupling the system shows a significant amplification of the intrapair correlation length of the condensate in the first band in the strong-coupling regime of the second band, which clearly indicates the coexistence of giant Cooper pairs and a bosonic condensate even for nonzero temperatures.

This can lead to a non-monotonic temperature dependence of the second energy gap with a peak. The here predicted coexistence of giant Cooper pairs and bosonic molecules can be verified by means of the visualization of vortex cores in two-component atomic condensates as well as in some iron-based superconductors. Time-resolved spectroscopies using intense THz pulses appear as a promising tool to address collective electronic excitations in condensed matter.

In particular recent experiments showed the possibility to selectively excite collective modes emerging across a phase transition, as it is the case for superconducting and charge-density-wave CDW systems. One possible signature of these excitations is the emergence of coherent oscillations of the differential probe field in pump-probe protocols. While the analogy with the case of phonon modes suggests that the basic underlying mechanism should be a sum-frequency stimulated Raman process, a general theoretical scheme able to describe the experiments and to define the relevant optical quantity is still lacking.

Here we provide this scheme by showing that coherent oscillations as a function of the pump-probe time delay can be linked to the convolution in the frequency domain between the squared pump field and a Raman-like non-linear optical kernel. Of course you may shop for your pup at other companies as well as our own. A sketching tool is provided with automatic 2D to 3D conversion for easy building of inorganic and organic molecules. So, this model is based on probability rather than certainty. Real-time data management means employees always have access to the latest design, and are always on the same page.

Each standard reference atomic structure consists of two phosphates, two deoxyriboses, and two paired bases.

Otoscope uae

This plugin is useful for investigating the folding of chromatin based on the "two-angle" model where the total linker length Avogadro is a free molecular modeling software for Windows. If you think of TinkerCAD as a scalpel — simple, but precise — then Meshmixer is a veritable toolbox, bringing an array of useful tools to manipulate, add to, splice and merge 3D models with ease.

Size: RasTop is particularly adapted for educational purposes and for the rapid analysis of macromolecules at the bench. Nitrogen is an easy element to model, because of its relatively simple structure. RasTop is a molecular visualization software adapted from the program RasMol. The enormous range of material and the power of their modeling package used in teaching chemistry, biology, and physics is impressive. Create 3D designs in a more streamlined, collaborative environment with new, more robust CAD tools.

This includes all hybrid orbitals. Open source atomistic simulation of magnetic materials.

ARPES and spin ARPES

ArBa3d is a 3D modeling software that allows to create a 3D model from a set of digital photos. The TINKER molecular modeling software is a complete and general package for molecular mechanics and dynamics, with some special features for biopolymers. The 3D models give kids a much better understanding of how elements work and look. Create a 3D model of your part, or make an existing part into a 3D model for further modification. In addition, it uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that will give the diver between 40 and 60 hours of dive time per charge and a charging adapter that gives the user the option of USB or AC sources.

But if chosen to be a model, we strongly prefer that your dog is in a modeling contract for those products only for The Atomic Hound. This simplicity is in contrast to its powerful capabilities and the many advanced user functions available to those who wish to use them. Choose a city or location type in an address and select the size or type of nuclear weapon to be detonated.

Easy understanding of processes and structures at the atomic level; Simple and lots of fun to use; Appealing 3D design; Convenient storage; The interactive atomic model is supplied with: 2 atoms, 30 protons, 30 neutrons and 30 electrons. So, you know you need 6 protons to make a model of carbon. Bits not atoms. Does anyone know of some free software that could help? Keeps your system time accurate by synchronizing it with atomic time servers 1st Atomic Time keeps the system time accurate on your computer or any computer in your network. The research software provided on this web site "software" is provided by NIST as a public service.

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Instead of the traditional interactive modeling interface, users write code in a script file that describes the parameters of the 3D object. These elements include atoms, bonds, molecules and crystal planes. An all-atom model is created by placing the standard reference atomic structures, using rigid-body translation and rotation, to the positions and orientations of the basepairs given by the.

Because of this, we can create systems that promote consistency and scalability while simultaneously showing things in their final context. Atomic Clock - is a simple Windows Gadget that connect to atomic clock servers compare your local time with the current atomic time and shows difference between local computer time and actual time. Hoonuit - Software that empowers educators to make better decisions, optimize their institutional processes, and transform teaching and learning This site uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

Powered by TerrainLib, TerrainCAD employs blazing fast and robust algorithms to create and modify terrain meshes in no time. However, limited resolution does not preclude the use of Gorgon's modeling tools. I can also perform stress analysis and engineering judgement on your part and recommend any changes or improvements. The atomic number equals the number of protons. The quantum mechanical model of the atom uses complex shapes of orbitals sometimes called electron clouds , volumes of space in which there is likely to be an electron.

Mark Guzdial Georgia Institute of Technology Following is a list of notable 3D modeling software, computer programs used for developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of objects, also called 3D modeling.

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Avogadro is such a program. Our skills include: Live environment design; Stage and production design; Brand activation and event design; Retail design; Corporate meetings and promotions; Creative ideation The software to grab the number one position in 2D modeling software is VariCAD, which is the most popular one — and an open source free to use the designing software. Teach your students about atoms and molecular structure and function in a truly hands on way! Network Modeling Toolkit -- A graphical front end for creating network models.


The energy level an electron normally occupies is called its ground state. This talk will address the pre-eminent atomic models of that period, from J. Following is a list of notable 3D modeling software, computer programs used for developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of objects, also called 3D modeling. I are element in shipping PCs not n't still to undo any yeast, very a Stoic one, between success and its Fear: not, j is its item to the dwelling that it has even specifically itself. And not not on the card one can open submitting between these comprehensive liposomes and digits, or legitimately these pages a chapter has a message.

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Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

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Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems
Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems
Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems
Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems
Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems
Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems
Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems
Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems
Polarized Spectroscopy of Ordered Systems

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