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Mais do que um turista, é um viajante.

They taught me about feeling weak and fragile in order to feel emotionally strong and resilient. As we recover them and bring them back to our conscious awareness life naturally unfolds with beauty and joy. As I deepened my understanding of the human body and mind and its emotional resilience, I started working with others to help them uncover their own wisdom in this way too.

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I feel tremendous gratitude to make that a focus in my life today. If I can support you in your journey toward inner strength and emotional resilience, click the button below. I value cultivating connection through practicing presence.

The police found something worth millions in my bag, OMG!

Holding and developing this attitude of warm accompaniment is a central value to me. I intend to live with lightness and the belief that life is an infinite game. A game without winners or losers, with the only aim to keep the ball of connection alive and to pick it back up once it gets dropped. I enjoy the definition that the smallest unit of being human is a community.

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Skip to content My story. Learn about my work. When it comes to career change, I believe you must embrace whatever life throws at you.

In my life, this philosophy gave me the motivation to maintain my momentum after my first taste of brand management to pursue my MBA. To leave my stable job behind in the Bay Area to start a new life in London.

To turn down attractive job opportunities by putting a stake in the ground and sticking to my principles, my values. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about my workshops, speaking engagements, products, podcast, corporate coaching, or just want to say Hi. Contact Joseph. Read more about My Career Story.

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My career story. My radio anchor stint, Hawaii Public Radio My White Coat ceremony, Georgetown Leaving medical school taught me two things:. Life has a certain inertia and momentum that, even when negative or in conflict with our values, can feel impossible to change.

My Story My Story
My Story My Story
My Story My Story
My Story My Story
My Story My Story
My Story My Story
My Story My Story
My Story My Story
My Story My Story

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