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Download the report here. In December , Montenegro opted to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO , and in doing so categorcially rebuffed two years of Russian efforts to secure a port there for the replenishment and repair of Russian military vessels. Russia then embarked on a new strategy: stoking political and ethnic divisions to destabilize Montenegro and preclude further Western integration.

I always need to be there for my family. These are biggies, with roots likely going back to childhood. And they are in conflict with each other, drawing in equal and opposite directions on your physical, mental, and emotional resources. Of course you feel like you're hanging by a thread!

All your other threads are wrapped around living up to the expectations of your deepest beliefs. Read more on why differing belief systems create more stress for women than men. The trick is to learn to modify or steer around these beliefs and expectations so they don't make you feel like you're constantly on the verge of collapse.

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Here are two approaches. When a belief and its expectations are a core part of your identity, and reflect something you like about yourself, embrace them. Acknowledge the value and then redefine it to create less emotional pain. Try this: I'm proud of being a hard worker. I need to take measures to tend to my personal needs so that I can work more effectively.

Modifying a deep belief can feel both scary and superficial, as if you're just rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic. You're going down with the ship anyway, right? In the face of this resistance to change, I am reminded of a story a colleague told about a car cartoon her young son loved.

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In the show, a car would holler, "Modify! Slam-whiz-bang, a brilliant, tricked-out car would appear, looking fabulous and bursting with pride. Modification takes some work. It might just feel like a coat of paint. I'll demonstrate a not-so-simple ThreadPool pattern that adjusts the pool size according to the task rate and based on the number of hanging threads.


Let us first go to the problem of detecting hanging threads. There are two important classes here: ThreadManager and ManagedThread. Both extend from the Java Thread class. The ThreadManager holds a container which holds the ManagedThreads. When a new ManagedThread is created it adds itself to this container. This is basically a timestamp check logic. If it finds that a thread has gone into a task loop and never updated its results it takes a recovery mechanism as stipulated by the ManageThread.

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  7. For a new ManagedThread to be created and used in place of the hung one it should not hold any state or any container. For this the container on which the ManagedThread acts should be separated out. So the container holding the tasks is independent of the thread processing the tasks. Click the following link to download the source for the pattern described: Java Thread Manager Source.

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    The Java ThreadPool does not have a mechanism for detecting hanging threads. Using a strategy like fixed threadpool Executors. Another option is using a cached ThreadPool policy Executors. This could ensure that there will be always threads available to process a task, only constrained by VM memory, CPU, and thread limits.

    Boris Johnson's premiership is hanging by a thread

    However, with this policy there is no control of the number of threads that get created. Regardless of whether a processing thread hangs or not, using this policy while the task rate is high leads to a huge number of threads getting created. It is pretty common to see the number of threads hit hundreds or thousands. Even though they are released once the task is processed, sometimes during burst-handling the high number of threads will overwhelm system resources.

    A third option is using custom strategies or policies.


    One such option is to have a thread pool that scales from 0 to some maximum number. So even if one thread hung a new thread would be created as long as the maximum thread count was reached:. Here 3 is the maximum thread count and keep-alive time is set to 60 seconds as this is a task-intensive process. If we give a high enough maximum thread count, this is more or less a reasonable policy to use in the context of hanging tasks.

    Hanging On By A Thread Hanging On By A Thread
    Hanging On By A Thread Hanging On By A Thread
    Hanging On By A Thread Hanging On By A Thread
    Hanging On By A Thread Hanging On By A Thread
    Hanging On By A Thread Hanging On By A Thread
    Hanging On By A Thread Hanging On By A Thread

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