Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications

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The Internet is likewise used as a medium for enhanced customer service and support. It is a lot easier for companies to provide their target consumers with more detailed product and service information using the Internet. Close to a third of the 1. To enhance customer service, Submarino has diversified into offering logistical and technological infrastructure to other retailers, which includes experience and expertise in credit analysis, tracking orders and product comparison systems. Technology forces.

The development of ICT is a key factor in the growth of e-commerce. For instance, technological advances in digitizing content, compression and the promotion of open systems technology have paved the way for the convergence of communication services into one single platform.


This in turn has made communication more efficient, faster, easier, and more economical as the need to set up separate networks for telephone services, television broadcast, cable television, and Internet access is eliminated. Moreover, the principle of universal access can be made more achievable with convergence.

At present the high costs of installing landlines in sparsely populated rural areas is a disincentive to telecommunications companies to install telephones in these areas. Installing landlines in rural areas can become more attractive to the private sector if revenues from these landlines are not limited to local and long distance telephone charges, but also include cable TV and Internet charges. This development will ensure affordable access to information even by those in rural areas and will spare the government the trouble and cost of installing expensive landlines.

E-commerce does not refer merely to a firm putting up a Web site for the purpose of selling goods to buyers over the Internet. For e-commerce to be a competitive alternative to traditional commercial transactions and for a firm to maximize the benefits of e-commerce, a number of technical as well as enabling issues have to be considered. A typical e-commerce transaction loop involves the following major players and corresponding requisites:. For e-commerce to grow, the above requisites and factors have to be in place.

The least developed factor is an impediment to the increased uptake of e-commerce as a whole. For instance, a country with an excellent Internet infrastructure will not have high e-commerce figures if banks do not offer support and fulfillment services to e-commerce transactions. In countries that have significant e-commerce figures, a positive feedback loop reinforces each of these factors. The Internet allows people from all over the world to get connected inexpensively and reliably. As a technical infrastructure, it is a global collection of networks, connected to share information using a common set of protocols.

Also, as a vast network of people and information, the Internet is an enabler for e-commerce as it allows businesses to showcase and sell their products and services online and gives potential customers, prospects, and business partners access to information about these businesses and their products and services that would lead to purchase. Before the Internet was utilized for commercial purposes, companies used private networks-such as the EDI or Electronic Data Interchange-to transact business with each other.

That was the early form of e-commerce. However, installing and maintaining private networks was very expensive. With the Internet, e-commerce spread rapidly because of the lower costs involved and because the Internet is based on open standards. In this context, corporate functions, decisions and processes involving e-commerce activities are more coherent and organized. The proliferation of intranets has caused a shift from a hierarchical command-and-control organization to an information-based organization. This shift has implications for managerial responsibilities, communication and information flows, and workgroup structures.

It enables start-up and small- and medium-sized enterprises to reach the global market.

Amazon & Flipkart in Big trouble as Government tweaks E-Commerce Norms

It does not have a single square foot of bricks and mortar retail floor space. Nonetheless, Amazon. To be fair, Amazon has yet to turn a profit, but this does not obviate the point that in many industries doing business through e-commerce is cheaper than conducting business in a traditional brick-and-mortar company.

However, this does not discount the point that without a good e-business strategy, e-commerce may in some cases discriminate against SMEs because it reveals proprietary pricing information. A sound e-business plan does not totally disregard old economy values. The dot-com bust is proof of this. According to Webmergers.

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  • IJEC – International Journal of Electronic Commerce;

Majority of these were e-commerce and content companies. The shutdown of these companies was followed by the folding up of Internet-content providers, infrastructure companies, Internet service providers, and other providers of dial-up and broadband Internet-access services. From the perspective of the investment banks, the dot-com frenzy can be likened to a gamble where the big money players were the venture capitalists and those laying their bets on the table were the small investors.

Internet entrepreneurs set the prices of their goods and services at very low levels to gain market share and attract venture capitalists to infuse funding. The crash began when investors started demanding hard earnings for sky-high valuations.

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  4. The Internet companies also spent too much on overhead before even gaining a market share. E-commerce applications in this area include easy-to-use ordering systems that allow customers to choose and order products according to their personal and unique specifications. The benefits of network production include: reduction in costs, more strategic target marketing, and the facilitation of selling add-on products, services, and new systems when they are needed. With network production, a company can assign tasks within its non-core competencies to factories all over the world that specialize in such tasks e.

    E-commerce allows for a faster and more open process, with customers having greater control. E-commerce makes information on products and the market as a whole readily available and accessible, and increases price transparency, which enable customers to make more appropriate purchasing decisions.

    To manage the chain of networks linking customers, workers, suppliers, distributors, and even competitors, an integrated or extended supply chain management solution is needed. Supply chain management SCM is defined as the supervision of materials, information, and finances as they move from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. It involves the coordination and integration of these flows both within and among companies. The goal of any effective supply chain management system is timely provision of goods or services to the next link in the chain and ultimately, the reduction of inventory within each link.

    Some SCM applications are based on open data models that support the sharing of data both inside and outside the enterprise, called the extended enterprise, and includes key suppliers, manufacturers, and end customers of a specific company. Shared data resides in diverse database systems, or data warehouses, at several different sites and companies. It also allows all parties in the supply chain to better manage current resources and plan for future needs. Google AdSense is a service offered by Google that allows website publishers to advertise on Google.

    Here we discuss the social and economic impact of e-Commerce on society, and the main advantages and disadvantages.

    International Journal of Electronic Commerce

    The main way in which e commerce will affect the economy, in general, is its impact on productivity and inflation. The role of eCommerce in business is that electronic commerce is synonymous with electronic commerce and involves the exchange of goods and services through electronic support. The number of electronic businesses has grown considerably since the Internet was launched.

    Today, in all aspects of our daily lives, the Internet has become an undivided part of our lives, as it has a versatile impact on our social activities. The Internet economy is booming. Internet instead of telephone directories or yellow pages for reviews of convenience products and to obtain updated information for your search and requirements. Also Read: Scope of e-Commerce. A business owner simply can not trust an ad in the phone book, in fact, customers are 15 times more likely to search the Internet than those who look in a phone book to call a company.

    Each business is different in its aspect, even each business differs in style, promotion, and volume, but the power requirement is the same for everyone, but nowadays; It is important that life in the Internet world be updated with respect to the business transaction if you want to remain competitive with others.

    In the long term, the net operating cost of a website becomes insignificant compared to the return on investment provided by the advertisement. The impact of e-commerce and its commercial impact on society has varied according to the models. The social impact of e-commerce can be measured by satisfaction and trust through the following factors:. The main advantage of shopping online or online is that at no time one can know the characteristics of the item you want to buy and you can also compare the quality and its characteristics with another competitive brand available in the market along with the feedback result of Other users.

    However, the secure payment transactions provided by the website to Internet users are quick to overcome the fears. Demand for electronic commerce techniques and tools. Keeping clients happy has now become much more economical for the companies through their websites. By putting information on frequently asked questions on their website, organizations are saving costs by reducing the number of customer service representatives. Eventually which means that, the benefits of saved costs will be passed on to the customers -- lowering costs at the other end of connection, too?

    For instance, a garment wholesaler may sell to a chain of retail shops, or an automobile manufacturer may shop around for thousands of car parts from suppliers online. Further, when we pick up and inspect something, Some disadvantages and constraints of e-commerce include we choose what we look at and how we look at it. This is not the following. If we were looking at buying a car on the Internet, we would see the pictures the seller had Time for delivery of physical products chosen for us to see but not the things we might look for if we were able to see it in person.

    And, taking into account It is possible to visit a local music store and walk out with our other senses, we can't test the car to hear the sound of the a compact disc, or a bookstore and leave with a book. E- engine as it changes gears or sense the smell and feel of the commerce is often used to buy goods that are not available leather seats. There are many ways in which the Internet locally from businesses all over the world, meaning that does not convey the richness of experiences of the world. In some cases there are ways around this, for much more comfortable buying via the Internet generic example, with electronic files of the music or books being goods - things that they have seen or experienced before and accessed across the Internet, but then these are not physical about which there is little ambiguity, rather than unique or goods.

    You Returning goods online can be an area of difficulty. The have it; you know what it is, where it is and how it looks. In uncertainties surrounding the initial payment and delivery of some respects e-commerce purchases are made on trust. This goods can be exacerbated in this process. Will the goods get is because, firstly, not having had physical access to the back to their source? Who pays for the return postage? Will product, a purchase is made on an expectation of what that the refund be paid?

    Will I be left with nothing? How long product is and its condition. Secondly, because supplying will it take? Contrast this with the offline experience of businesses can be conducted across the world, it can be returning goods to a shop. It's pretty hard to Privacy, security, payment, identity, contract. Thirdly, even if the item is sent, it is easy to start wondering Many issues arise - privacy of information, security of whether or not it will ever arrive.

    Though specialised or refrigerated transport what laws and legal jurisdiction apply. It is not suitable for dealing with the new sales and distribution. In contrast, durable goods can be or unexpected. For example, a transport company used to traded from almost anyone to almost anyone else, sparking dealing with simple packages being asked if it can transport competition for lower prices. In some cases this leads to a hippopotamus, or a customer asking for a book order to be disintermediation in which intermediary people and wrapped in blue and white polka dot paper with a bow. Such businesses are bypassed by consumers and by other requests need human intervention to investigate and resolve.

    Personal service Limited and selected sensory information Although some human interaction can be facilitated via The Internet is an effective conduit for visual and auditory the web, e-commerce cannot provide the richness of information: seeing pictures, hearing sounds and reading interaction provided by personal service.


    E-commerce Dissertation Topics - over and for FREE

    For most text. However it does not allow full scope for our senses: we businesses, e-commerce methods provide the equivalent of can see pictures of the flowers, but not smell their fragrance; an information-rich counter attendant rather than a we can see pictures of a hammer, but not feel its weight or salesperson. The size very straightforward. For example, any benefits or engage high-speed services being accessed by devices conveniences of buying a box of pens online from a US- distantly, anywhere, at any time.

    The Intelligence of a consumer having to go to the business for delivery costs also mean that buying individual items from a Products or services, or requiring to be skilled in multiple range of different overseas businesses is significantly more Technologies or having to preparation whenever they want expensive than buying all of the goods from one overseas to contact a business using the Internet. Below are some of these advantages: M-Commerce is a part of e-commerce which is done through mobile phones.

    It allows the person to do the transaction Convenience through mobile phones. It gives each and every person a choice to shop from anywhere. It is a way by which It is a true convenience to do much from a handy device via companies and sellers come closer to the end user. Though M-Commerce. With wherever you are, in just a few clicks there are many similarities, there are many differences on your mobile device, you can already do shopping, between m-commerce and e-commerce, such as :- banking and download media files.

    On the other hand, user may also not choose not to be accessible by shutting down his mobile one in m-commerce. You can do whatever you want to your mobile device, modify the wallpaper, change view settings or VI. In the current commerce industry, mobile commerce or M- Commerce has been entered in finance, services, retails, tele- Time Efficient communication and information technology services. The disadvantages of m-commerce. The following list summarizes the advantages of m-commerce: Ubiquity: The use of wireless device enables the user to receive information and conduct transactions anywhere, at anytime.

    Accessibility: Mobile device enables the user to be contacted at virtually any time and place. The user also has Fig. Localization: The emergence of location-specific based IX. Instant Connectivity 2. Users of 2.

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    It information for each transaction. Merchants local boutique. Mobile commerce involves all kind of [11] Shilpan D. M- Commerce is the term for making business transactions [12] Randy C. Some are mobile banking, location maps, and variety of news, mobile shopping, ticketing and mobile file sharing. E-commerce security is the protection of e-commerce assets from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction. Dimensions of e-commerce security; Integrity: prevention against unauthorized data modification, No repudiation: prevention against any one party from reneging on an agreement after the fact.

    Authenticity: authentication of data source. Confidentiality: protection against unauthorized data disclosure. Privacy: provision of data control and disclosure. Availability: prevention against data delays or removal. And analysis of this E and M-commerce retail marketing growth had shown in the figures. Suresh Kumar, Prof. Waghmare G. Related Papers. By wunmi ayinde. By Sammy Myy Mucaram. By Silvance Abeka and Edwin Omol.

    Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications
    Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications
    Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications
    Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications
    Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications
    Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications
    Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications
    Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications Electronic Commerce: Current Research Issues and Applications

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